Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cavendish Transfer Heats Up

--For months it has been assumed Cav would go to Team Sky. A source of mine even confirmed he had signed with the British outfit months ago. Now, after months of waiting, there's still now announcement. Instead, more rumors, and this time of a possible move to Omega Pharma-QuckStep.

Apparently, the Manxman insists on riding a Specialized-and if I had to ride a Pinarello I'd probably wouldn't be happy either, but that's another topic. Team Sky has a three year deal with Pinarello so if Cav's insisting on riding Specialized that could be a major issue.

On top of that, he's now the world champ. As I mentioned the other day, he's been thinking about rainbow for a while and I have an idea he stalled a bit with Sky knowing that if he didn't win worlds his price wouldn't go down, but if he did it would certainly go up.

Currently, Team Sky's Brailsford has said "It's quite complicated." I have a feeling the biggest issue here is the bikes. Team Sky has the deepest pockets in cycling and for them to hire the reigning world champ who happens to be British, it's no issue calling up sugar daddy Murdoch and asking for a few more bucks. However, when you get into sponsors and their contracts, things could get sticky, especially this late in the season when sponsors have their teams lined up for next year.

My guess is Cav gets his cake and eats it to. Team Sky will toss Pinarello under the bus because really, how cool would it be to have the reigning World Champ and Brit winning Tour stages for the biggest team in cycling? It's too much to pass up and it's the reason they formed the team in the first place. The issue of bikes isn't going to get in the way of world domination.

--Contador rode Cali yesterday! Woot! Unfortunately, or I think it's better I say fortunately, I had work to do and couldn't go. Yes, tears were falling as I watched the @albertocontador mentions roll in on Twitter.

Here are all the pics I found. Contador appeared to get a bit tired of saying "cheese".

--Vroomen has two nice posts up about men and women minimum wage in cycling. In Tuesday's post he mentions some of the issues with a minimum wage, such as what country to base it on et cetera. Then, yesterday he gave a solid overview of the current state of minimum wage for men.

Basically, men on the continental level have no minimum wage and often get nothing. Women's teams are on the continental level. Thus, they should get nothing.

He goes on to reiterate my point which is: if womens' teams could afford minimum wage, they would. The reality is they can't, and neither can the majority of mens' teams. Welcome to cycling as a vocation.

--In less savory transfer news, Rolf Aldag is going to a triathlon company. If there's any harbinger of bad times for cycling, it's this. What's next? Riders start becoming triathletes because it pays more??

--Speaking of Specialized, Levi said it helped his decision to go to Omega Pharma-QuickStep. I guess that means that Trek actually hurt his decision to go to RadioShack. Hmm.

--Lastly, riders at the Tour of Beijing are being warned against eating beef. After all the positives from clenbuterol (and all the links to beef) I don't know why any of the riders still eat it.

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