Thursday, October 13, 2011

Riccò Confesses, When Will McQuaid?

--I guess it's back to being a spin instructor for Riccò... That's right, everyone's favorite Italian climber has finally confessed to a blood iron transfusion--as if iron is some higher ground than blood. He still stands by his statement that "it could happen to anyone." That is, anyone who does their own blood iron transfusion.

--Enough about Riccò, though, let's talk about the sports biggest cheat, Pat McQuaid. He started out the year threatening teams over the issue of race radios. Then, there was the rumor of a breakaway league so he threatened to make the teams pay higher fees. After that the UCI destroyed the TTT at the Tour. It also came out recently that the UCI tested 0, as in none, riders at the Tour of California.

There were more but these are just the highlights. In fact, there have been almost as many McQuaid FAILS this year as there as been races. But those were all warm up for the real deal, the Battle of Beijing. This year was all just posturing by Patty to make sure the teams ended up at his China race. I know, he says it's all about promoting cycling and globalizing the sport. But what his actions say is it's all about his bank account (funded by Global Cycling Productions, which he sits on the board of and which put on the Tour of Beijing). You'll forgive me if I'm the only one who thinks unwatched races in far off places fail to "promote" the sport.

Last week I suggested the conflict of interest and so have more notable bloggers since. McQuaid continues to use his power at the UCI to pressure teams into doing things they don't want to do but will benefit him financially.

China was just the start. McQuaid's abuse of power will continue as Russia now looms on the horizon. And next year the teams will say again "Why do we need to race where we have no market and no fans?" and McQuaid will use a red herring, maybe race radios again (although that looks to be delayed until 2013), to threaten teams into doing more things they don't want to do but which will line his pockets. This guy puts all cycling's other cheats to shame.

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