Friday, November 18, 2011

Breakaway League a Reality?

--According to a recent article, investment firm Rothschild has put together a plan for a breakaway league. Pat McQuaid has confirmed the existence of this proposal.

I'm all for this. The sport has plateaued in terms of growth under McQuaid. No more change can come while he's abusing his power at the helm.

--For those of you out in NY, Floyd Landis is going to be at a NY Velocity charity event on Thursday November 1st. If you go, please take pics!

--Rasmussen, the guy who forgot to report his whereabouts, has had his case dismissed by the Danish doping people. On account of that, Garmin has added him back to the team.

--Speaking of Garmin, they're switching to Shimano There were on Sram from the merger with Cervelo but are going back to Shimano. Apparently only the race bikes will have Di2, though.

--Little Schleck may receive a one month driving ban because he was clocked going 101 km/h in Luxembourg.

--2013 Cyclocross worlds is coming along. Lousiville, as in Kentucky, will be hosting them and they're even near a TV deal!

--Since the Tour of Colorado was a UCI 2.1 race, there were no race radios. And since there were no radios, there was a bigger than necessary crash due to some cattle guards.

--Matt Lloyd is headed to Lampre. I thought it was killer when Ted King went to Liquigas; an anglophile riding for an Italian team. This is also really cool. \

--In other transfer news, Schumacher is headed to Christina Watches, along with Rasmussen. Looks like Christina Watches is the new Miche.

--Cyclingnews is hiring a US correspondent. Just in case any of you have an interest in writing for them.

--Although there hasn't been any news about the investigation of Armstrong lately, he's geared up for a fight. Given the legal team he's got right now, along with Fabiani, the guy's probably spending at least a million a year on legal fees. On top of that he's got umpteen children and exes. Even if he's caught I doubt he'll end up hawking trainers, but he seems to have some pretty hefty expenses.

--Lastly, I'll leave you this awesome pic of Gilbert and fam:


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