Sunday, November 6, 2011

Contador Gets Married!

--In lieu of any real cycling news this time of year, Contador got married! And check out their goofy wedding-day smiles:


--Looks like Competitve Cyclist, aquired by, has moved to Park City, Utah. And apparently the new shop they've built can pump out 60 custom bikes a day!

Check out the latest post for pics of the new building.

--I know I always talk about how cycling teams don't make any money, but here's more evidence of that in this VeloNews article:

"In truth pro cycling teams DON’T make a profit. They simply have a budget and do their best to stay within it. Most owners make a decent wage, but they are not rolling in profits."

--I mentioned this before but the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships are coming to SF this month! They'll be held in Golden Gate Park November 18-20.

--Lastly, here's a funny one of Johan and Jelle Vanendert on vacation in CuraƧao.


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