Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Goss to Race NASCAR?

--And you thought Landis was the only one who wants to race cars. Apparently the young sprinter has been tearing it up in Tasmania.


--Hushovd is still unhappy about his time at Garmin. Fortunate for him, he's headed to the team with the sport's queen of drama, Cuddles. (Who, by the way, has already made it clear there's no room for a sprinter on BMC.)

This all goes back to Paris-Roubaix. Thor could have won that race is he'd been allowed to chase down Johan. He and Fabian (and Ballan) could have worked together and pulled back Johan, and then Hushovd could have outsprinted them. Garmin's "one for all and all for one" approach didn't really support that, though. Selfish or not, I can't blame a guy who has spent his whole life chasing a dream for going after it. More power to him.

--Good news, Adecco is returning to sponsorship. The company sponsored cycling about a decade ago and has recently come back into the fold.

--Bad news, Niels Albert was struck by a car while training. I saw him race in Beligum a few summers back. He won.

--The Contador case has been pushed back again. It's slated for January but my bet is it doesn't even come before the Giro. Just a reminder, the doping positive happened MORE THAN A YEAR AGO!

--Speaking of, Valverded is making a comeback at Movistar. The team was going to have a big press release but the UCI killed that because he's still banned.

--Okay, I'm losing steam. Algeria has teamed up with Belgium for a continental team. Sicard, the young Frenchman who rides for Euskaltel, got a DUI recently in true Iglinsky fashion.

--Lastly, Stephanie got her vids in a piece about the Tour of Colorodo! Nice!

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