Friday, November 25, 2011

Pat McQuaid, Domain Squatter

--More details about the Rothschilds breakaway league have come out. Looks like the plan was to actually share TV revenue with teams. Imagine that.

And in defense of the breakaway league, McQuaid and his checking account, Global Cycling Promotions has resorted to domain squatting. Since earlier attempts at coercion proved unsuccessful, Global Cycling Promotions has bought up, and

--Fund manager Whitney Tilson, although not much of a stock picker as of late, it turns out he is a cyclist and commutes in New York.

--Speaking of New York, looks like cyclists are causing a ruckus in Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

-Jan is enjoying cycling as a retired professional. So much so that he's signed with Gran Fondo USA to ride a few in the US.

--The WADA budget has been frozen. The 2% increase it requested wasn't approved. It will be interesting to see how this affects anti-doping measures.

--Martin sent over this awkward pic of Cav


--I'll leave you with a cool vid up by Michaal Barry:

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