Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pics of Jens!

--VeloNews had a contest for Jens pics and I submitted one of mine from Paris-Nice this year:


Actually, I take back the contest part. It's not a contest if everyone wins (they picked like 100 photos). This was more like a marketing ploy. Worked so well I submitted a pic and still have no clue what they were trying to sell!

--Speaking of photos, Pez had a great photoessay up of the Pinarello.

--Looks like Busche has survived the merger and will be staying with LeopardTrekNissanWhatever. Some of you may have seen him blogging on Cyclingnews lately. After he won the US Road Champs I introduced him to them.

--One guy not so happy with the transfer season is Oscar Freire. Initially he said he'd retire if he didn't win Worlds. We know how that turned out and I guess there was a misunderstanding with Rabobank. Either way, he's sad about the deal. I feel for him, that's a tough way to end.

--Lastly, it looks like the brilliant marketing of BTP Films (@btpfilms) has really caught on with other teams and brands. Looks like Castelli has started this latest one called Manual for Speed. The project covers Garmin as well, but here's a funny vid with an Exergy guy:

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