Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vino for President!

--In addition to prepping for racing next year, Vino is also running for office. He'll be running for the position of Deputy, whatever that is. Aside from increasing potassium production for Kazakhstan, he plans on racing in the Olympics this year.

--Jim (@jwbener) sent over a recent study has confirmed that women cyclists are more likely to die while riding bikes. I wonder what the results would have been if they'd judged by skill level instead of gender.

Eiter way, here's a tip from another study Lucas sent over: don't wear a helmet at all. That's right. According to this study, cyclists wearing helmets are more likely to be hit. The theory is that when a car sees a cyclist without a helmet they assume it's a novice and stay clear. Despite the results, before you go super Fred and stop wearing a helmet, consider the study was conducted in a little Euro-town and here in the US of A we have an order of magnitude more cars than there.

--Allen Lim has come out with a new cookbook for athletes. Instead of combing Youtube for his work, you can now find it in a book! Get it here!.


I got to meet Allen Lim in Tahoe at this year's Tour of Cali. He's a cool guy.

--Lastly, I'll leave you with this controversial sprint from Saturday's World Cup Cyclocross race:

That's Nys closing the door on Pauwels.

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