Friday, November 11, 2011

WADA Denies Funding for Plasticizer Test

--This seems like a pretty big deal. WADA has denied funding for a test for plasticizers.

Many of you may remember early on in the Contador case there were claims of plasticizers in his blood. The test was designed by a Dr. Segura who said it was "perfectly applicable." Wada thinks otherwise:

"WADA's Laboratory Committee decided at the time that there were alternative ways to collect the evidence to the one proposed by Prof. Segura's research," WADA's media relations manager Terence O'Rorke said.

So if there are alternate ways, why haven't we heard about them? Maybe this is a bit close to the bone considering the Contador case is still pending. It'd be a shame to approve something like this and then have it come back and bite you by Contador not getting off.

--The Chicken is back! Last year, or has it been the last two, there have been endless talks about Rasmussen trying to get on a team. Unlike guys like Basso--who actually tested positive; Rasmussen just lied about his whereabouts--he has struggled to come back.

Well all that is about to change. He'll be squaring off against Contador and the big dogs at the upcoming Tour of San Luis. And with that, I leave you with his classic time trial:

--McEwan, after barely getting a contract last year--he called up Lance after the other great Aussie hope failed--has retired and is joining the new Aussie hope, GreenEdge. He's joining as a "stage scout."

You can hear him tell it:

"I’d go ahead of the team — either leave really early in the morning or go the night before — and scout the last 10K of the stage and then re-ride the last 5K, re-ride the last 3K again then do the last 2K and 1K again so I know it perfectly.

"I can relay all that information to the guys in the bus during the team meeting by phone before they start so they’ve all got a clear picture of what the finish is.

"I can tell them about each corner and they know exactly what is coming before they get there and that’s a little advantage."

Sounds like my first internship. "Your job is to...get coffee!"

--Andy Rihs and some other Swiss guy have teamed up to form a superteamcompany. Andy Rihs is the BMC guy, or the Phonak guy. It should be interesting to see what they come up with.

--That whole hacking case in France against Landis, that all went down recently. I'm over it, though.

--I'll leave you with another beautiful photoessay about some amazing mountains in France or Italy or something...

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