Sunday, December 4, 2011

Traffic on the Way to Tunitas

--Yesterday there was a bit of traffic on Lobitos Creek, the road that I take to Tunitas.


--Velonews had a nice interview with Johan about last year's Roubaix win. Reading it reminded me that the classics are coming! It won't be long now.

--Looks like everything is better on Team Sky. I found this pic of their trainer on the Facebook:


--For those of you who haven't been keeping up with cyclocross this year, myself included, here's a killer summary.

--Michael Barry has some more great pics up from the off season in Girona.

--The other day I noted that details of Shimano 11 speed had been leaked. Now, in what could be another leak or just excellent marketing--I think leaks like this are excellent for stirring up interest about products--details about Sram's 2013 Red groupo have been leaked. See for yourself.

--Jim (@jwbender) pointed out I may have made a mistake in my post about Sir Mark Cavendish. Jim wasn't sure that he's actually a "Sir" after receiving the MBE. Anyone know the answer to this? I'll ping my British friends and see what they say.

--I'll leave you with this awkward pic from the Liquigas training camp:


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