Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lance's "Charity" and Cav's Missed Drug Test

--Looks like Cavendish missed a drug test in 2011. He was on Mount Etna with a BBC film crew and forgot to report his whereabouts. He was, however, tested about 60 times last year.

--In other news, Outside Magazine, also known as Lance's Marketing Department, has put out a critical piece about Lance and Livestrong. The main issue is how much actual charity is done and how much is just marketing Lance's brand. For example, did you know that Livestrong.com is for profit (owned by Demand Media, I belive) and Livestrong.org is the charitable arm?

I looked at the 990s (?) a while back and most of the money is funneled on to other charities. So basically it's a fund of funds for charities. So all those helmets, shoes--anything Livestrong yellow--that's really just pseudo-charity. I know, it's charitable to provide jobs to the thousands of people working on the charity complex, but only a very small portion is working on cancer. So yeah, still charity, just not so much for cancer. (I will give props, however, to his ability to lobby and get governments on board with research. That, I believe, has a true and meaningful impact.)

Hats off to Lance et al for masterminding this whole thing. I mean, what's better, writing a check and only remembering it on your tax return, or a hip sweatshirt you can wear and feel charitable year around?!

--Velocity Nation has a great follow up interview with a Charles Pelkey, former VeloNews journo, who actually had some nice things to say about the Livestrong peeps.

--In more shocking news, the Contador decision might be further delayed...

--The 2012 Vuelta will be featuring not 5, or 6, but 10 mountain top finishes! Unreal! No Angliru this year, although replays of last year's will suffice.

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