Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Croatian Racing for Ricco (Or Spin Class Instructing)

--Ricco, who thought he had found a loop hole into racing again, has been denied. That's right, the two time offender was denied a Croatian racing license. Fortunately, under Croatian sports law spin classes are counted as a separate sport altogether, something Ricco factored in when applying for a license. The license to race was all just smoke and mirrors for his backup plan as a spin instructor in Croatia. They don't give out white jerseys to just anyone at the Giro...

--Speaking of, I'm going to see my dad in London this spring and am planning it around the last stages of the Giro. Anyone been to the Stelvio? Doable without a rental car? Tips?

--We just capped off an exciting Tour Down Under. Valverde, back from his suspension, even won a stage! There weren't many left over with Greipel dominating but it was good to see the Spaniard come back with force. Also good to see Greipel on top form. Looks like this could be his year.

Cycling Tips has excellent recaps and pics from the stages.

Here's a fun pic from stage 1.


--Thanks to Frank (@shootthegap) for sending over leaked Cervelo pics. This thing will be tearing up tris at a city near you soon. Still a bit jagged for me. I prefer the Shiv's smooth lines but with the Ironman tattoo on my calf, I'm not the target market for either.

--VelocityNation has a good tech post up about Campy and Shimano electric groupos.

--Lastly, in case you haven't seen this already, here's Shit Cyclists Say:

(It's sad how many of these I've said...)

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