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--Some of you may remember Saxo Bank's training camp in Israel late last year. It did seem odd that a team would choose to go there for its training camp. But Riis said it was because the team has an Israeli backer.

But then came news that one of the CAS judges is Israeli. (And according to his bio I'm not sure why he's on the panel in the first place. I don't know how his expertise in "Credit Cards, Legal and Practical Aspects" is applicable to the sport, but that's another issue.) Added to that is the signing of Israeli Ran Margaliot last year.

In fact, the appearance of politicking made RadioShack-Leopard-Trek-Nissan-Mercedes backer Flavio Becca question the motives of the team. What can be said for sure is this team is far more "Israel-ish" than any cycling team ever.

Riis negated any theories of political persuasion by stating "If we want to get our mitzvahs in before the start of the season, that's our business."

--Another issue causing a rift in the Contador case is the fact that Dr. Michael Ashenden has been prevented from testifying in the case. This alone almost caused the WADA attorneys to walk. Ashenden is one of the leading doping experts and the one who has stated inconclusively that Lance took EPO during the 1999 Tour. The fact that he's being barred from testifying smacks of corruption.

--In other news, Rolf Aldag recently spoke out against the corruption at the UCI. (Google translator does a decent job of translating that.) Cyclingnews originally posted the article then took it down for a bit.) Cyclingnews reposted the article saying:

Aldag called UCI president Pat McQuaid "extremely unbelievable." McQuaid should not have told journalists that the UCI had never received financial donations from athletes, "and then a few days later say, oh it was just 100,000 dollars one time, and then another 25,000. One must actually say: McQuaid did not tell the truth – and he in that position (as UCI President, ed.). Therefore he should go."

"He also said at first that there was no Contador case – now we have been working on it for two years. There were enough other cases, where the UCI could have made a point. Such things make McQuaid extremely unbelievable."

Aldag was offered a position with Omega Pharma but turned it down due to the corruption in the sport.

--Good news for Garmin, they found a co-sponsor! The team will now be Garmin-Barracuda. Barracuda Networks is a security company that has always brilliant marketing. It was the first company to drive trucks with the company logo around the block all day at RSA, the largest security conference.

After the BigMat deal fell through, it's likely Barracuda got a fire sale deal on the sponsorship. Vaughters even alluded to them getting the co-sponsorship at a discount:

"I don’t see this as a replacement to the BigMat deal but it’s a valuable partner. I’m excited."

--Here are some awesome pics from Cycling Tips' latest contest.

--Lastly, I'll leave you with this hilarious posting Marek sent over for a pair of Ted King's bibs on eBay. Enjoy!

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