Monday, February 27, 2012

Let the Classics Begin

Thinking of take a bike trip soon? Check out Joao Correia's tour company inGamba. Ride like PROs, with PROs.

--KBK and Omloop took place this weekend. I won't spoil them for you but they were a lot of fun. You can find videos here on Sporza. Scroll down the Omloop one (ends in "Nieuwsblad 2012"). At about 80km to go in Omloop Lars Boom has a pretty gnarly crash. It's in the first minute of that video. Definitely worth a watch.

--Cycling Tips has a nice photo post about Omloop.

--Vroomen's latest post the completely sloppy enforcement of doping suspensions. For example, Mosquera admitted to doping so he lost a year's pay and then his suspension didn't begin until the final decision a year later. Contador, on the other hand, was able to race for a full year and a half and then had his suspension begin at the time he tested positive.

--Ever wonder about the specifics of the whereabout program? Here's a post about the UCI's program.

--Lastly, Ballan and Blythe show off their wheelies:

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