Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's a Long Way to Milan

Thinking of take a bike trip soon? Check out Joao Correia's tour company inGamba. Ride like PROs, with PROs.

--San Remo, here we come. That's right, this Saturday is Milan-San Remo. Last year's edition was the most exciting sprint finish I saw all year. And this year promises to be no different. Haussler, a guy who's probably had nightmares about his loss for the last few years, is already talking about how great his legs feel. Cav, on the other hand, is keeping quiet, maybe bluffing like in 2009. And given he's already won two stages this year, oh and KBK, the smart money is definitely on him.

Despite that, this is a LONG race and as we've seen in previous years, anything can happen (ie Freire could win, again). I haven't been up yet for a race this year but I'll be sure to set my alarm for Saturday.

--Here are a few old links that I haven't had time to post:

--Colango releases a road bike with DISC BRAKES. This is one of the most exciting things to happen to road biking since, well since Sram. Within three years, UCI and its lunacy permitting, PROs will be riding these.

--Speaking of Sram, Velonews did a backwards compatibility test, which gear heads will find interesting.

--Tired of training in the cold already? Jens has a few tips.

--Vroomen has a great post up about how the Contador case was the perfect crime. He points to major inconsistencies in the punishments for doping and reminds us that Richard Pryor's advice, albeit aged, still holds true: "Deny, deny, deny..."

--I know a lot of you still ride with bike computers and love the Strava--excuse me, you like being able to track your rides and it's the only option. Either way, CyclingTips has an interview with the Strava CEO and co-founder.

--Lastly, I'm headed to Paris this year for the start of Paris-Roubaix. Those of you with tips on Paris, the race, or anything related, please send them over.

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