Thursday, April 5, 2012

Road to Roubaix

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--This year has provided its share of memorable classics and hopefully Sunday will provide another. In a few hours Mel and I leave for London and then down to Paris to catch the start (and maybe the rest) of Paris-Roubaix. (The Paris in Paris-Roubaix is meant in the loosest sense of the word since the actual start is about 90k from Paris.) No less, on Sunday I'll catch a train (or almost miss a train like last year's trip to Paris-Nice) to the start and see where the day takes me. I should have a post up by Monday or Tuesday, with pics thanks to Vanessa who's lending me her brand new camera!

I've been busy lately and haven't been posting as often but here's a few noteworthy blurbs:

--Cavendish is now a father.

--In an odd turn of events, wait, I think it might be closer to say a corrupt turn of events, the UCI has been ordered by a Belgian court to pay Keisse 100k Euros. Looks like it wasn't enough for the Belgian court to let Keisse off his failed tests, they thought they'd come after the UCI. Bottom line: UCI is broke, this case is a joke (and I once "raced" alongside Iljo, at least for a few minutes).

--Haussler says he had another rough off season. I was talking with Henry the other day about the 2009 Milan San Remo and it still gave me tingles. You could see later in the BTP films how much that loss haunted him. (To his credit, he did win an amazing Tour stage in 2009.) When I heard about the DUI in the 2009-2010 off season I thought maybe that was the last we'd see of him. One thing that's clear from watching him is how much of bike racing is in one's head. To train, or not to train. Except for the inherent biology, the rest is a mental game. Haussler clearly has the physical talent, hopefully he can get the rest in line.

--Merckx was indicted in a corruption case involving bikes. The indictment was delayed because he was in Paris with Sarkozy receiving the Legion of Honour.

--I'll leave you with what they eat in Belgium (and my pick for this weekend):


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